Cedric Daniels · May 26, 2020
accented characters

How do you allow accented chracters to flow through the engine without erroring out? I read something about adding a "!" in MSH-18 to accept the default coding, but now it gives me an error about "No translation table found". Does InterSystems have anything out of the box to account for accented letters? Does this need to be coded?

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Cedric Daniels · Nov 13, 2019
Keep Alive Packet

does Health Connect have an out of box setting to send some type of "Keep Alive" packet? This is for a TCP connection. I have a vendor that will disconnect from the engine if there is a 2 hour idle time. would like to send something across every hour (if its idle) to prevent the disconnection. I'm assuming this may be something custom that needs to be created, but thought I asked the community first.

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