· Jun 3, 2019

Does Health Connect 2019.1 have a message "holding queue"?

I'm looking to see there is a way to create a holding queue in Ensemble.  I have a ORM message that is coming into the  Engine.   I want to convert that message into a ADT^A04.  Then send the ADT first and the Original ORM message behind it.  How can I hold the Original ORM before I send the ADT message before it?

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If that is the case you can use BPL to create a business process with greater control over the orchestration.  You would set it up so that it  sends to each end point synchronously so that the first send has to happen before the second.  Of course if this were the case then the receiving side, with separate end points, would have to be sure that the messages stayed in order.  That is out of your control however.