Hi David,

I see you used the "VSCode" tag. The couple of times I have done this in VSCode, I typically just import the XML classes into my system and then once they are loaded, I use the VSCode ObjectScript Explorer and export my classes from there into my project. I've only done it once or twice, so I don't know if there is a better way of doing it.

If you are interested, these are some methods for doing it manually as well that could be scripted to do all your files:

USER>do $system.OBJ.Load("C:\Users\psteiwer\Desktop\Class.xml")
Load started on 03/10/2020 17:40:03
Loading file C:\Users\psteiwer\Desktop\Class.xml as xml
Imported class: PivotSubscriptions.Utils
Load finished successfully.
USER>do $system.OBJ.ExportUDL("PivotSubscriptions.Utils.CLS","C:\Users\psteiwer\Desktop\Class.cls")

Is putting all this in the main directory of the repository necessary?

I believe the two git files (.gitignore and .gitattributes) need to be there. But perhaps all files related to docker can be put in a "Docker" directory to avoid adding so many files to the main directory.

My main fear is people seeing all these files and not knowing where to start.

Hi Ali,

Here is a sample of using %ListOfObjects:

SAMPLES>set list=##class(%ListOfObjects).%New()
SAMPLES>set t1=##class(HoleFoods.Transaction).%OpenId(1)
SAMPLES>d list.Insert(t1)
SAMPLES>w list.Count()
SAMPLES>set t2=##class(HoleFoods.Transaction).%OpenId(2)
SAMPLES>d list.Insert(t2)
SAMPLES>w list.Count()
SAMPLES>w list.GetAt(1)
SAMPLES>w list.GetAt(1).%Id()
SAMPLES>w list.GetAt(2).%Id()
SAMPLES>w list.GetAt(2).AmountOfSale

<dataListBox  sql="select id from deepsee_study.doctor" onclick="alert('onclick');onchange="alert('onchange');ondblclick="alert('ondblclick');">

I tested this in the SAMPLES namespace on Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.2 (Build 309_5U) Wed Jun 12 2019 20:02:36 EDT. When clicking an item, I see the onchange alert. After double clicking the item I previously selected, I see the ondblclick alert.

System Management Portal -> System Administration -> Configuration -> National Language Settings -> Locale Definitions

Please note that your browser will often localize content based on your browser settings, so the Management Portal may not look different after doing this, but if you open terminal you should see your newly selected Locale and if you do things like compile classes in Studio, you should see your output messages in the new Locale also

Hi Scott,

The CSP folders will be located on your system where you have installed HealthShare. This means you can just move your images to this directory and then your apps should be able to reference them.

The documentation for the <image> tag has a few hints:

"If provided, src is the URI of an image to display. If src is the relative pathname of a file, it is understood to be relative to the Caché installation directory. Typically this path identifies the images subdirectory for your Zen application, for example:
<image id="myFrame" src="/csp/myApp/images/myPic.png" />"