In portal administration is possible visualize your error.

Operation -> System Log -> Log of errors the application.

Errors are stored in the error namespace caused;

My understanding was just that.
I just was not getting this definition that PrimaryKey came from the SQL world.
Thank you

Assuming you're on 2013.1+:

set data = "{""profile_id"":""9XOzzcI8NfSUjxAhEt0cTLRejwmp6HPi"",""biometrics"":[{""timestamp"":""2017-05-17T13:45:40"",""utc_offset"":""+02:00"",""resting_heartrate"":120.0,""spo2"":98.0,""activity_id"":""591c540aac8f295479ee14ce""}]}"

do ##class(%ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonProvider).%ParseJSON(data,,.object)
write object."profile_id"
write object.biometrics.GetAt(1).timestamp

You unmark "password" and mark "not autheticate" of service "%Service_Console" and each user your configure namespace and routine default of authenticate.

way of portal:
system -> system manager -> services

Have you tried that?

- Is not declare ##class, is yes direct: Classe.method()

- Flux programing in each levels and online breaks: