David Crawford · Jun 18, 2018

CSP Error Log

I thought I should be able to go to the application error log or look at d ^%ER when I get the following error in the browser when troubleshooting a CSP page:

An error occurred with the CSP application and has been logged to system error log (^ERRORS)

However nothing is being generated in these logs. Where are these logs being made?

Thank you

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In portal administration is possible visualize your error.

Operation -> System Log -> Log of errors the application.

Errors are stored in the error namespace caused;

As I said, the error in question is not being generated in this location.

Did you take a look to ALL available namespaces? (I mean really checking the global)
there is ^ERRORS  in every namespace.
Since if your CSP is offroad  ^ERRORS can be too.

Do you mean like %SYS or whatever else is available in the application log page? If so unfortunately there's only %sys and ensemble, which both don't have anything new in them.

Yeah, I meant that.
You still may try from SMP>Administration>CSP Gateway Mgmt > Event Log to detect something.

Warning: I did this recently and found 4 years of log over  I don't know how many upgrades.

Right that's a big one. But unless it's severely delayed, the last log in there for me was a couple hours ago and I just now made the error again.

looking into %SYS code for ^ERRORS(  was disappointing. 
WRC might have a better advice.

Probably. Thank you for your help though!