Thank you all. At this time, i will not be able to map the USER db to rest of it. But i will try to call support .

Thank you all. Only reason i have to do it is because i cannot import the csv file data into my table in USER namespace using IMPORT WIZARD. Wizard is not working and throwing CSP error.

I will try and see if i am able to map the class and package. and then run the query i need to extract the data. Thank you

Thanks Alexander. 

Version i have installed is

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.2 (Build 865_0_18763U).

It worked in previous version, so not sure if it could be related to it.

Thank you Jeffrey. I was able to pass the value to my function and worked very well.  Glad to see such a rich set of methods  and properties  in the Enslib.HL7.Message which can be helpful in future.  I appreciate your help and assistance.


Jimmy Christian.

That seems very interesting. I wasn't aware of such method to import file or refer to a message in the file. Pretty interesting !

Will test this out today and post . Just something i noticed is we have assigned the datatype  to  messages in tMsg object, which is after the fact of referring it to a filename.ext. So in this case if the  message does not match schema/doctype  , below command would fail.

JEFF > set tMsg.DocType="2.3.1:ORU_R01"


Thank you Jeffrey. This looks perfect. I am going to test this and let you know.

Thank you Jeffrey. Yep,  writing a new class and extending  Functionset class is totally fine.

But i am trying to find out if RuleDefinition class itself allows you to write any methods within it or you cannot embed a method within RuleDefinition class.

Thank you Eduard. But i want to code this method  directly in my XYZ rule definition class instead of  coding in a seperate class with functions.

Reason is the Function set class is  shared by many projects and i do not want to modify or update it.