Thank you Jenna.

You are absolutely right. I was able to update the DTL code and send a EnsStreamContainer object to the Operation.

It worked perfectly.


Jimmy Christian.

Thank you Jeffrey.  This is very helpful.

I didnt realize we can use Source property in the Condition.

Yep !

I did restart the Operation after putting the logic. I had forgotten to set the return status to an error code.

I think E=D works when the %Status has an error code.

Thank you for help.


Jimmy Christian.

Thank you Eduard. 

Exactly !

I forgot to set the return status to an error in Catch Block. 

I set to an error code and the Operation is down.

Thank you for help.

Thank you Chris. 

So to give you a little more information, i want to disable the Operation if the response i receive after sending a message is not a valid one.

If i disable using Ens.Director,  does the last message i sent gets re-queued or is  it considered processed?


Jimmy Christian.

Thats a good suggestion.

I will check that option out and see how to use POSTMAN as a proxy. Will let you know.

Thank you Jeffrey.

Thanks Sourabh.  I was able to put some debug variables and troubleshoot the issue.

Appreciate your help.


Jimmy Christian

Thank you Neerav.

The message i pasted doesnt look like  JSON. 

Looks like i may have to use some STRING functions to parse it. 

I will let you know once i get the right specs of the response. Thank you for time.


Jimmy Christian.