Thank you Chris. 

So to give you a little more information, i want to disable the Operation if the response i receive after sending a message is not a valid one.

If i disable using Ens.Director,  does the last message i sent gets re-queued or is  it considered processed?


Jimmy Christian.

Thats a good suggestion.

I will check that option out and see how to use POSTMAN as a proxy. Will let you know.

Thank you Jeffrey.

Thanks Sourabh.  I was able to put some debug variables and troubleshoot the issue.

Appreciate your help.


Jimmy Christian

Thank you Neerav.

The message i pasted doesnt look like  JSON. 

Looks like i may have to use some STRING functions to parse it. 

I will let you know once i get the right specs of the response. Thank you for time.


Jimmy Christian.

Thank you. Yes, i am going to find out in a day or two.

Appreciate your help and time.

The issue is the API  is not set up yet on the project which i am working.

But the specs has the JSON PAYLOAD as request and then the response is what i pasted above. 

So i am trying to get the code ready to parse in the meantime until the API is set up. Hopefully i will have something to work with POSTMAN as soon as API is set up.

Once i receive the response , i need to parse it for any error and then shutdown the operation.  At the most i can convert the response to string and check for error.

Thank you Eduard.

So the message i posted is a response to an API call i make with JSON payload.

So i was assuming that the response would be JSON and i can try to parse it.

But if it is not a JSON, is there a utility to parse it or i need to use the provided STRING functions like ZSTRIP and so on?


Jimmy christian.

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.1 (Build 312_1_18937U) Fri Apr 26 2019 17:58:36 EDT

I tried dynamic objects but gives me an error, unless i am not doing it correctly or if syntax is not correct.

Set objStream = objHttpResponse.Data
     Set json =""
     While ('objStream.AtEnd) {
          Set json = json _ objStream.ReadLine()

set iter = json.%FromJSON().%GetIterator()
   while iter.%GetNext(.key , .value )
       write "key = "_key_" , value = "_value,!