Thank you Muhammad. We tend to forget about the power of SQL - add to this classmethods defined as [ SqlProc ] and you have amazing capabilities in IRIS

For us in the 'old' world, how do we capture dates prior to 01/01/1841 ?

I have just check in our IRIS based multitenancy - beyond ERP system we now have 19966 classes.

19964 2020-06-04 16:56:50  
19965 2020-08-04 12:40:09  
19966 2019-08-02 15:43:18  

Hello Dmitry, please check zpm I get this error:

zpm: USER>install passwords-tool
ERROR #5001: 'passwords-tool' not found in any repository.

Hi Yuri, are you able to do a zpm distribution of your code? With the assistance of Intersystems SE, we still failed to get the docker download to configure. Thank you

Mariana and Robert, if I may - the various 'databases' all have a similar requirement, that is to understand the best practice for the choice made. What is not always obvious is the power that Caché or IRIS brings that no other environment can match. 

Applying good systems design architecture in Caché would in the long run result in a highly functional and adaptable solution in the least 'complex' and 'simplest' code.

It is worth the effort to overcome the perceived 'complexity' and benefit from the resultant powerful 'simplicity'.

You could get a long way with HTML, javascript and SQL with the minimal knowledge of COS.

Hi Benjamin,

There is more to it.

The purpose is to give 'power users' the ability to import data into 'holding classes' and then be able to process the data as required.

We have developed functionality for users to import regular imports, but sometimes the user just wants to analyse random data, which does not warrant defining the data structure. Also these users can not be granted access to SQL for security reasons. So we need to control what they are able to do.

Not being close enough to the action, I suspect there might be alternative ways of enabling this, of which I am unaware of.

Kind regards

Hi Benjamin,

Yes the Wizard as found under the SQL in Management Portal is very powerful - It is possible to replicate the csp page, but the methods that are used to do the processing and provide the options are not known. Is it possible to expose that detail ?

Looking forward to the SQL loader - is there any indication of release date? We would look forward to testing BETA version in IRIS

Kind regards