yes, renaming of CACHE.DAT to IRIS.DAT is supported, but not for the system manager databases.

Either just copy your own databases that way and recreate the required configuration (e.g. security), or - if you have a lot of config -, you can install Cache (into same directory path on new server), copy manager db (and cache.cpf) across and then do in-place upgrade to IRIS.

Is this going to be made available for on-demand viewing, e.g. on youtube?

You don't need to do it this way. Instead, get the id of the parent object and then, as you create each child object,

do childobj. <ParentPropertyName>SetObjectId(parentId)

and save the child object. That should solve your memory problems.

This is a technique that doesn't just apply to relationships but to any object property where you can avoid swizzling it into memory.

Isn't the issue here that you should unswizzle each child object as you move to the next item in your child collection?

Hi Joshua, do you happen to know whether there is compatibility between Caché and IRIS, i.e. can I export from Caché and import into IRIS?

Great news Jeff. It looks like a significant release and the one we will be targeting for our move from Caché to IRIS.

But in this context, what I'm missing from your announcement and the release notes is mention of an upgrade installation from Caché to IRIS (rather than a completely new install and then having to manually create all configuration and security items that exist on the Caché platform and having to rename database files and so on and so on). You stated in late November that was in the works and coming for 2019.1.

Hi Evgeny, I haven't tried it yet but it is on my radar and I will do so soon (ish).

As our entire change management and CI / CD process is based on and built around Deltjanji by George James Software the recent announcement by GJS of  the forthcoming Deltanji v7 adding support for VS Code and Serenji v3 adding debug capabilities this may be a feasible alternative.

Hi Robert

I'm assuming that your Windows client installation had the same version as your Linux server installation, am I right?

But the quarterly IRIS releases are container only, so there is no corresponding Windows distribution I can install Studio (and odbc, jdbc) from.

I need to state in advance that I haven't configured CSP apps and web servers for years - so I might be talking complete b******s - but if I remember correctly then in the CSP application configuration (System Management Portal) you define whether Caché serves files or not and if yes you specify a path. Paths in the csp code are relative to that, I believe. Check whether your csp apps are set up like that and if so, try to change the Serve files setting to 'No'. I think the consequence of that might be that the paths in your csp script will then be relative to the web server (possibly the directory where the csp gateway files are stored).

As I said, my memory might deceive me on the above, but in the absence of another, more authorative answer you might want to give this a try.