· Mar 16, 2018

Upgrade cache instance from 2017.1 to 2017.2


Please share me steps to upgrade cache version from 2017.1 to 2017.2 along with software dump.

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Thanks John for answer, As per above document I understand we need to take backup of system and we need to execute 2017.2 setup.

This will be fresh installation of 2017.2 with new binaries.

Please confirm there will be no change on existing server(2017.1) once 2017.2 installation will be completed except version change as we have to do installation on existing server only.

ofcourse we have change license file. 

For Windows the link gets you to a short section titled "Caché Upgrade Installation".

For other platforms the principle is the same. Stop the Caché instance you're going to upgrade (or at least be prepared to allow the upgrade procedure to stop it). Then run the installer script in the same way as if doing a new installation. Pick the existing instance you want to upgrade.


I have successfully upgrade cache instance. I have another query on cache migration. I have installed cache 2017.2 on new host and copy cache.cpf from my old system to newly build server to migrate database. I am getting below error while starting cache services.

Unable to copy file '/vcm/cachesys/cache.cpf53914' to '/vcm/cachesys/cache.cpf'
Error: Parsing CPF file /vcm/cachesys/cache.cpf - Shutting down the system
An error was detected during Cache startup.