Wolf Koelling · Jan 7, 2019

IRIS Quarterly Container only releases and Studio

After attending the Intersystems DACH conference in Germany at the end of last November and taking part in a few workshops about containers and microservices I took the plunge and installed Docker on home Windows PC, downloaded IRIS 2018.2 preview and got that up and running. Good stuff and I gave myself a pad on the shoulder at that point.

But then it dawned on me that I couldn't edit code using Studio as  Studio is Windows only and while I'm running on a Windows desktop the Docker image itself is Linux based.  As Studio insists on being on the same major version as the server it connects to I can't use the version of Studio that got installed as part of IRIS 2018.1 for Windows.

Am I overlooking something or is ISC forcing me to using Atelier, an IDE which  -  in my opinion and for my purposes - doesn't currently fulfil its promises and as ISC have recently declared it to be in maintenance only mode I wasn't planning to adopt.

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Hi Wolf,

I ran into a similar problem a few weeks ago: IRIS on Linux - no studio

My solution: Custom install on my local WIN10 desktop. Only the Studio (and ODBC drivers).
Nice side effect: the new IRIS-Studio also talks seamlessly to my local Caché. 

My assumption: As it works for an isolated Linux it should work for Docker as well (if no firewall blocks you wink)

Hi Robert

I'm assuming that your Windows client installation had the same version as your Linux server installation, am I right?

But the quarterly IRIS releases are container only, so there is no corresponding Windows distribution I can install Studio (and odbc, jdbc) from.

Hi Evgeny, I haven't tried it yet but it is on my radar and I will do so soon (ish).

As our entire change management and CI / CD process is based on and built around Deltjanji by George James Software the recent announcement by GJS of  the forthcoming Deltanji v7 adding support for VS Code and Serenji v3 adding debug capabilities this may be a feasible alternative.

It would help if ISC would provide a clear roadmap for their 'Editor/IDE' policy, being Studio, Atelier or (preferably) something else.

Studio was 'replaced' by Atelier, Atelier is 'end of life' and now Iris Studio ?

You are right: LNX distrib + Win Distrib were the same build.
As far I remember from the version string  "2018.1.1.643.0 "  only "2018.1.1" is important.
And also the container should have $ZV to verify  (No idea what's in there actually )

Hi Wolf!

It's not the substitution for Studio, but have you tried InterSystems ObjectScript plugin for VS.Code by @Dmitry Maslennikov?  

It became much more sophisticated in recent weeks. It shows method signatures, drills down to methods and documentation, compiles, highlights and many more. 

It is cross-platform, free and light-weight, I like it.

InterSystems is finishing up some additional tasks for InterSystems IRIS Studio. It will be available as a separate download and I will make an announcement here when it is available.