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· Jan 21, 2019

InterSystems IRIS 2019.1 preview

The preview release of InterSystems IRIS 2019.1 is now available - give it a try!

Kits and container images are available via WRC's preview download site.

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2019.1 is the third major version of InterSystems IRIS.  It has many new capabilities including:

  • Significant enhancements to SQL usability and performance
  • Improved scalability and operations for sharded clusters
  • Client language updates and performance boosts
  • New interoperability capabilities that speed configuring and troubleshooting of productions
  • System security, performance, and efficiency enhancements

These are detailed in the draft documentation and release notes for InterSystems IRIS.

Server platform support for traditional installations have been updated, as have the base OS layer and storage drivers for InterSystems IRIS containers.  You can read details in the draft Supported Platforms document.

With 2019.1, InterSystems IRIS now officially supports self-service BI tools using ODBC connections, specifically Tableau and PowerBI.   Customers interested in using these are encouraged to take the Power BI survey or Tableau survey; this feedback will help us in providing dedicated connectors to these tools in a future release.

Preview releases allow our customers to get an early start working with new features and functionality.   They are supported for development and test purposes, but not for production.  

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OK, we will get out some of these details.   If you can drop a line about what didn't work that would be great.  - email,  or file something in the WRC, or use the feedback button on the quickstarts -  There is a known issue that you may be looking at w.r.t. limitation on the # databases.   We'll also have a 'call for feedback' on the Developer Community forum about this soon, have a few things to adjust first.

Great news Jeff. It looks like a significant release and the one we will be targeting for our move from Caché to IRIS.

But in this context, what I'm missing from your announcement and the release notes is mention of an upgrade installation from Caché to IRIS (rather than a completely new install and then having to manually create all configuration and security items that exist on the Caché platform and having to rename database files and so on and so on). You stated in late November that was in the works and coming for 2019.1.