Schematron is a rule-based validation language for making assertions about the presence or absence of certain patterns in XML documents. A schematron refers to a collection of one or more rules containing tests. Schematrons are written in a form of XML, making them relatively easy for everyone, even non-programmers, to inspect, understand, and write

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I am using OAuth2 Cache framework, acting as a client to an authorization server. My setup is based on this excellent previous post [Caché Open Authorization Framework (OAuth 2.0) implementation – part 1].

I'm facing ‘Authorization Server Error: Error Processing Response - No match between server name '' and SSL certificate values…’

It looks like I should set SSLCheckServerIdentity to false but I can’t figure out how. Has anyone had the same issue?

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· Jul 13, 2016
Overriding soap body

We can override soap body by using WriteSOAPBodyMethod. Something like:

Method Online(ByRef Obj1 As myClass1, Obj2 As myClass2, Output ObjOutput1 As myClass1Output(XMLNAME="Obj")) [ ..., WebMethod ]


s ..WriteSOAPBodyMethod="override"

d (..WebMethod("Online","ProcessRequest")).Invoke($this,"Online",.Obj1,.Obj2,. ObjOutput1)

s ..WriteSOAPBodyMethod=""


Method override(proxy As %SOAP.ProxyDescriptor, tag As %String)



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· May 6, 2016
Load a dll at run time

I am using java gateway imported/proxy classes and JG business service. I need to load a dll at run time.

I use System.loadLibrary/System.load when in java. I’ve tried $ZF(-3,” C:\Windows\System32\pteidlibj.dll”) and $ZF(-4,1,"C:\Windows\System32\pteidlibj.dll") but I’m getting <DYNAMIC LIBRARY LOAD> error.

How can I load a dll at run time using COS?

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