Maybe you can develop a COS script that you can reuse. This script should create the accounts and make some checks.

We have a project where combine this script with a OS level script (using any shell you want) able to execute the COS task in each instance. It's a lot of work to make it but once developed it saves a lot of time. 


The common approach is set the schema category in the Business Service. If you want to capture everything at BS, this is the right approach if you are using only one HL7 Schema (2.5 for example). But if you use several HL7 Schemas then is better to get them separate in order to use different BS (each one with their own schema).

In any case you can use a main entry point (BS) don't set the HL7 category at BS and set it "manually" at Business Process stage. This approach is not the most elegant because all the messages arrives at BP (with map errors, and without the DocType set). Then search or process them is more complicated.

Hope this help

I understand and am clear about the so "wide" of my question :-)

I wonder if there is something not so complex or something "done" to send directly to a web page the results of a WRITE command. This is something common in Ensemble when creating a namespace  or DeepSee Portal when compile or Build a Cube.

Maybe there is a Zen component or sample CSP/Javascript that do that, etc.