Hello @Jeff Moffett

Do you mean HS Health Connect? or HS Information Exchange?.

I think the only place for get the installer right now  is WRC 


Just curiosity... did you test also with GCP or Azure instances?

Sound very nice!! Thanks @Dimitry Maslennikov I'll used it and let you know wink

Hello John, I can't see your email in your DC profile... I don't know if it's my fault or it's not public visible

Ummmh... not sure about this.

Specially in the case of Java Business Host Services and Operations because the JVM must run inside the IRIS instance memory (AFAIK), in this case there is no way of interaction between two different Containers or... there is a way? when I use two or more containers the interaction always was done using TCP/IP (Understand container communication).

This is a good question to clarify.