Is there any update on when the RSS feed will be fixed to finally include a Title field. This was reported about 5 months ago. Specifically:


The RSS feed for groups (or communities as the link currently says) does not include a title, e.g. for:

Starts with:


So there is no title or description of this feed. Also is there a feed for all content posted to this site, so not filtered by tag/group at all?

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Often when debugging COS code you get an error message such as '<UNDEFINED>test^routine *test' so the first thing you want to do is to take a look at this code and see what it is doing. From the command line you can:

ZLOAD routine ZPRINT test

Which means splitting the $zerror information into the routine name and the line and adding the zload/zprint commands. Also you often want to view the lines above the one where the error happened as this gives you some context of how you got to this line, using ZPRINT you could 'ZPRINT +1:test' but that may display hundreds of lines.

Since 2013.1 you can use ZZPRINT as follows:

ZZPRINT "test^routine":10

Which will print the 10 lines before the 'test^routine' line, so here you can cut/paste the line reference directly into the command and you can specify the number of lines before or after using this syntax where both the before or after can be blank

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When I goto the main developer community page:

When I turn on network monitoring this root page takes over 6s to load, this is with the other pieces of the page already cached on a nice fast network connection, the by the time the other requests are made it is at around 6.7s! A few other attempts were slightly better at around 5s. By comparison if I look at I see the browser completely done in <1s, the content itself takes just 433ms.

How can be get this >6s down to something a little more reasonable like <1s, even 1s is pretty slow these days.

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I noticed a lot of sites these days support use of Gravatar user profile pictures so your profile picture can follow you around from site to site, could we support this here?

Also there appears to be some HTML bug in the user profile edit page, when I click on the 'edit' tab I see options to edit the profile for a fraction of a second before this closes and I am unable to edit anything.

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