Mark Hanson · Mar 9, 2016

Support for Gravatar user profile pictures

I noticed a lot of sites these days support use of Gravatar user profile pictures so your profile picture can follow you around from site to site, could we support this here?

Also there appears to be some HTML bug in the user profile edit page, when I click on the 'edit' tab I see options to edit the profile for a fraction of a second before this closes and I am unable to edit anything.

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Using Gravatar, It is a good idea.

But, I think there is a some problem with it. Most of accounts here uses corporate e-mails, but in any other places we are using our private e-mail, I do so. And I hava gravatar for years, and it uses only my private addresses, and sure most of people here too.

People would certainly be able to register their professional email if they so chose.  I think it's an intriguing idea!

Much better If it would be possible to migrate or merge two accounts here. I have a WRC account on email from my current company, but what happens when I chnage a job. In this case I may loose access to any my content here. And I have another registration with my own email. It would be very nice if I could merge two of this accounts or something else, if I could use WRC and commonity with the same my own not corporate account.

Personaly I just registered both email accounts separately in Gravatar, and having my corporate email account for these community pages could mean I can have a nice professional picture here and a more relaxed one for my private account (not that I did, but it is an option).