· Apr 8, 2016

Really slow main page load

When I goto the main developer community page:

When I turn on network monitoring this root page takes over 6s to load, this is with the other pieces of the page already cached on a nice fast network connection, the by the time the other requests are made it is at around 6.7s! A few other attempts were slightly better at around 5s. By comparison if I look at I see the browser completely done in <1s, the content itself takes just 433ms.

How can be get this >6s down to something a little more reasonable like <1s, even 1s is pretty slow these days.

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Overseas it's still as bad as original 6seconds for Mark. At the moment total load time is 4 seconds, though "time-to-first-byte" (TTFB) for the 1st request is 0.9seconds (which is not instant, but good enough).

The page is still heavy (57 requests and 1.6MB payload), and Drupal devs should pay attention to this large number of files involved.