Hello Everyone

I'm trying to open an XML that I get inside a GZIP file.
However, I can only open the contents when I save the file to a folder.
I would like to know if there is a way to get the contents of XML without saving the GZIP in a folder.

The code below is functional, however, you are saving GZIP before you can get the contents of the XML.

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I know you're doing a big effort to build a new IDE in Eclipse ecosystem but Visual Studio Code is a new an even better and faster tool for coding... did you have any plans to release any COS extension for it in the near future? There you can already find extensions for all current more common progrmaming languages and it would be great to have COS as one of them.


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I just updated Atelier to 1.01.263 and now many of the Atelier icons/images are blurry and the spacing in the Atelier Explorer doesn't look right. This is on Windows 10.  Is this a known issue? Are there any settings I need to adjust?

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I realize that Cache Studio is the standard method to edit routines.  However, some clients make it difficult to access their server that supports Studio.  Is there an editor that can be run from the programmer prompt that allows simple WYSIWYG editing of routines?  I know there is a %Routine class that you can use to do command-line editing, but I am looking for a full screen editor.

What was the standard in OpenVMS Cache before there was Cache Studio?


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