I found myself in the not-so-comfortable situation of working with a Linux system on which someone had accidentally disabled user access to the Linux shell. HealthConnect was running, servicing hundreds of interfaces. To resolve the access issue, though, we needed to bring the host down for the application of a fix.

Without the shell, the iris command is not available to control the instance, so we were faced with the potential of shutting down the server ungracefully. We wanted to avoid that if possible ...

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So, here is a novice question; but, I can't seem to figure out how to do it, or find any comments. I simply want to close out this DTL, under the Interoperability / Build / DTL screen:

There do not seem to be any buttons to 'close' the current DTL item. I tried logging off and back on, and, it brings it right back. Ideas?

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I am creating a new HL7 DTL item. I put the from as HL7 and the to as XML, hence, those Ens classes were loaded into the new DTL. However, on the map screen, both the left and the right column only show 'source' and 'target', and no other fields. I pictured that when I included these classes, both columns would pull the corresponding 'schema' to show all the to/from fields, but, they did not. Is that right?

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Hi Guys,

Is there a way to import /export Web Applications? I can see that those web application that I created are also showing in Studio under CSP Files folder and I tried right clicking on some on the folders that seems to be representing my web application then export but didn't work.


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