· Nov 21, 2023

ZPM, REST, RedirectEmptyPath

In the settings of the IRIS web application configuration page there is an option "Redirect empty path" which allows a user to access REST endpoint URL without trailing slash, eg. /csp/api/rest instead of /csp/api/rest/. How could I change this option declaratively in my ZPM manifest?

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
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Hi Dmitrii,

Thanks for this question.

Programmatically you can use the method Security.Applications:Modify() (from within the %SYS namespace).

Here's an example:

 set props("RedirectEmptyPath")=1

 set status = ##class(Security.Applications).Modify("/myapp/name",.props)

This article by @David Hockenbroch covers this Security Applications API (including reference to this setting) in general.