· Sep 9, 2019 1m read

Zabbix memory template

Just wanted to share my Zabbix template for monitoring InterSystems IRIS on Linux servers.

It monitors irisusr (configurable) memory consumption:

  • Virtual memory size
  • Percentage of real memory
  • Resident set size
  • Size of data segment
  • Size of code segment
  • Peak resident set size
  • Size of locked memory
  • Size of shared libraries
  • Peak virtual memory size
  • Size of pinned pages
  • Size of page table entries
  • Size of process code + data + stack segments
  • Size of stack segment
  • Size of swap space used


How to use:

  1. Check that you have Zabbix installed (I'm using version 4.2)
  2. Import template file:
  3. Add template to a server with InterSystems IRIS
  4. Check graphs or build dashboards, here's an example:


Do you have Zabbix templates you use for InterSystems IRIS?

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