David Gregory · Jul 9, 2018

XDATA sections are not spaced properly when viewing the code in Atelier

Atelier is not translating the indentation spaces used to format XDATA sections in Cache Studio. Lack of these spaces makes the XDATA difficult to read. The styling (coloring) of the code is working just fine. Also, it appears that other class code indentation works fine.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? Has there been any discussion when this issue might be addressed by InterSystems? How shall I get some attention to this issue?

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IMO your best chance of getting this issue addressed by InterSystems is to engage with them through WRC (Worldwide Response Center).

There is an existing request with development to improve the usability of XData blocks in Atelier. I added a note to that request, linking to this DC post, asking to consider the auto spacing/indentation as well. The request for XData usability improvements has not yet been roadmapped.

Thanks Nicole! As you could imagine, if one highly utilized the Xdata functionality and it wasnt properly formatted as it currently is in Cache Studio, it may pose readability issues. Since this is the case for my engineering colleagues, converting to Atelier/Eclipse has been ignored. Unfortunately, it is a show stopping item for them.

I had evaluated the plugin back about 9 months ago but saw that there were enough issues which led me to believe that Atelier was not quite ready for usage within my development team. As of today, I am seeing some good advancement from last Nov/Dec 2017. I will personally keep using the plugin since I do quite a bit of Java development in addition to Cache coding.

Thanks for moving this along. We can see the prospect and advantage of Atelier, but need this issue resolved before the group is ready to embrace it.

Understood, David. I'll add a note that to the dev request that this is a showstopper for many of your developers to help our team with prioritization. I'm glad to hear you're happy with the Atelier 1.2 improvements!