· Jun 7, 2018

What Object Script command can write KILLdes journal records?

I'm working on a task where I need to apply journal file records to another database. I can't use Journal.Restore class methods as I need to perform some data transformation, therefore I'm reading journal file record by record using %SYS.Journal.Record API.  

It seems that there are only few journal records that I need to process, namely:

Type TypeName
6    SET
7    KILL
8    KILLdes
9    ZKILL
10   RemoteSET
11   RemoteKILL
12   RemoteZKILL
14   BitSET

No problem, while I'm just curious: which COS command could provide KILLdes record? I've met it only once in the context like this:

KILLdes ^SYS("Task","TaskD",1006,"EmailOnError",1)

I can't imagine that Caché is smart enough to recognize the command series:

set tmp=^SYS("Task","TaskD",1006,"EmailOnError",1)
kill ^SYS("Task","TaskD",1006,"EmailOnError",1)
set ^SYS("Task","TaskD",1006,"EmailOnError",1)=tmp

as one `KILLdes ^SYS("Task","TaskD",1006,"EmailOnError",1)` action.

It should be a command or an intrinsic function to perform it as a single statement; does anybody know it?

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