· Oct 13, 2019

What is inside a Package.Class and s not property, nor method nor parameter?

I  am reading the following code in ObjectScript:

GitHub repository

And there is a sentence which I am facing difficulties to understand:

    kill ^OPNLib.Game.CWLF(..World)

I know that kill removes variables, OPNLib.Game are the package and subpackage, and ..World is a property. However what does CWLF mean?

You could think that it is the class' name, but it is:

Class OPNLib.Game.ConwayLifeGame Extends %Persistent

The class name is ConwayLifeGame

Is CWLF an alias for the class name?

If yes where is it defined?

Because if we see all the definitions in the current class, we do not found CWLF:


I have also tried to find more information in the Intersystems documentation, however I did not get results.

Could you help me?


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