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What to do if a <PROTECT> error occurs when importing a routine with %

InterSystems FAQ rubric

To resolve the error <PROTECT>, remove the read-only attribute of the system-wide library database (IRISLIB for InterSystems IRIS, CACHELIB for Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare (Caché-based))

Once you have finished importing the routine, remember to change it back to read-only.

[Version 2013.1 and above]
[Management Portal] > [System Administration] > [Configuration] > [System Configuration] > [Local Database] Uncheck "Mount read-only" from the database name link.

[Version 2011.1 - Version 2012.2]
[Management Portal] > [System Administration] > [Configuration] > [System Configuration] > [Local Database] Change "Read-only?" from [Edit] of the relevant database.  

[Version 2010.2 or earlier]
[System Management Portal] > [Configuration] > [Local Database] Change "Read-only?" from [Edit] of the relevant database. 

Typically, the system-wide library database (IRISLIB/CACHELIB) stores routines with % that are reserved by InterSystems products (user-written routines with routine names %a* through %y* are stored in the system-wide library database (IRISLIB/CACHELIB).

When saving user-defined routines with % in the system, we recommend names starting with %Z or %z.

Routines starting with %Z, %z are stored in the system database ("IRISSYS" for InterSystems IRIS and "CAHESYS" for Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare) and are carried over when upgrading InterSystems products.

Please note that routines with % other than %Z and %z saved in the system-wide library database (IRISLIB/CACHELIB) will be deleted during upgrade.

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