What are all the ways an Object Property can be expressed?

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Object Data Model, Caché

Hello, this is going to be a stupid question, yea I know, there are no stupid questions.

Say, I have an Object Property, Name or Count or Title, or whatever.

How can I get a list, or find out all the different ways it can be expressed?


-Property Name As %Name;

-Property Name As %String="me"

-Property Name As %String [ Required];

But what other parameters, keywords, restrictions, lists, etc. that I can apply to this Property?

I have been search the I/S documentation and so far at least, I cannot find that sort of information, or in one place.

I could search all the I/S classes, but that takes lots of time and research.

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if you open the class in Studio, and view the "Inspector" pane, then pick "Property" from the first drop down and your property in the other (or double click it), then it shows a very long list of possible things you can add. It may even show all of them, I don't know. You can then click on the values to enter them, sometimes getting drop down lists of possible values.

I've often used the inspector as a way of finding out what might be available, and then searching any keywords in the Caché documentation to confirm how to use it.




Thanks John, I appreciate your answer.

I have been through the documentation you gave.

I guess what I want, I will have to put together myself.

Just to say, that the Relevant Articles added to my post have little to do with my post,

I wonder where they come from?

You cannot know at forehand.

Superclasses can define their own PropertyClass and they reflect in the subclasses.

For instance if your class inherits from %XML.Adapter every property of that class gets extra parameters such as XMLNAME and XMLPROJECTION.