· Mar 1, 2018

(Webinar Mar 14) REST API Design and Development

For many in today's interoperability landscape, REST reigns supreme. With the overabundance of tools and approaches to REST API development, what tools do you choose and what do you need to plan for before writing any code?

Now that you've learned how to create a REST API in the REST & Relaxation webinar, see how you can successfully make it big. Join @Eduard Lebedyuk, InterSystems Sales Engineer, for REST API Design and Development. You'll learn design patterns and considerations that allow you to build highly robust, adaptive, and consistent REST APIs. Viable approaches to challenges of CORS support and authentication management will be discussed, along with various tips and tricks and best tools for all stages of REST API development. Learn about the open-source REST APIs available for InterSystems IRIS Data Platform and how they tackle the challenge of ever-increasing API complexity.

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Hello, everyone!

It's my first big webinar in English so I'm starting with the topic I'm familiar with  - REST APIs.

The main goal of this webinar is to  discuss REST APIs and how can we design them so they can evolve and grow without causing too much problems for everyone involved. Versioning, software layers separation, Broker separation - that kind of thing,

I would also like discuss some common challenges and how can we bypass them.

Then the tooling for the whole development life-cycle (dev-debug-test-document) would be presented.

And finally I'll show some REST API examples. Well, mainly UI clients for these APIs.

If you have a question about REST that sounds more or less relevant to the topics above - please post it here (or mail directly to me), I'll try to cover it too if possible.