· Aug 5, 2020

Webinar: InterSystems Global Masters Advocate Hub Overview

Hey Community,

We're pleased to invite you to the first webinar dedicated to our Global Masters Advocate Hub! Please join:

➡️ InterSystems Global Masters Advocate Hub Overview webinar ⬅️

Date & Time: Friday, August 14 – 10:00 EDT


Let's see the Global Masters Advocate Hub from the inside and talk about how you can benefit from participation in this program. We'll go through:

  • Demo of the Hub 
  • Recognition for your contribution to Developer Community and Open Exchange
  • Levels and priveledges
  • Rewards! Current and... tsss... upcoming!
  • Your questions and ideas

Also, a secret code will be announced for all webinar attendees for getting 250 GM points!

🗣 @Olga Zavrazhnova, InterSystems Customer Advocacy Manager


We will be happy to talk to you at our webinar!


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