Marcus West · Aug 1, 2019

A way of querying mirror status using SQL?

I've setup ODBC connection so I can access Cache data within SQL Server.

I want to be able to write SQL queries for internal monitoring purposes, similar to what's possible with SQL Server.  Specifically I want to be able to check mirroring status (i.e. check which is the current primary mirror member), check the status of any Ensemble productions (started/stopped), check the status of business hosts etc.  I want to do all of this from SQL Server to go with our other system monitoring solutions.

Does anybody know if this is possible, and if so the names of tables/namespaces which might store the required data?  I've looked at contents of quite a few tables which look like they might store the data but can't find anything pertinent.

Thanks in advance,


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Check %SYSTEM.Mirror class, it looks like what you need.

Write class method - sqlprocedure to expose the data you need via xDBC.