· Apr 10

VSCode Intellisense not providing expected Class definition snippets

Have successfully installed the Intersystems ObjectScript Extension Pack (version last updated 2024-03-26) in VS Code version 1.88 and when creating a new Class (in a New File of type ObjectScript-class) I am presented only with the following snippets:

When watching the Intersystems training videos (I am fairly new to IS) I notice there are far more options provided. For example from the video "Creating a Custom HL7 V2 Search Table" the following snippets are presented:

Is there an additional extension I am missing or possibly a configuration setting? I am unsure which config's I'd need to copy to the question to provide more information.

Any help is appreciated. I've tried un-installing, re-installing, connected to different instances/namespaces and deleting an already completed class and restarting.

Product version: IRIS 2023.3
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