Sergey Baklanov · Sep 12, 2019

Virus detection during installation

I downloaded the free version of CachePCkit_x86.exe. During installation, the antivirus detects a virus
PDM: Trojan.Win32.Generic
c: \ users \ ...... I \ temp \ pde9cb \ setup.exe
How to eliminate this problem

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Hello Sergey,

Can you confirm if you are getting that kit from the Download Caché button in the sidebar here in the Developer Community? If so, then that alleviates my primary concern that it might actually be a threat.

Beyond that, the question would be one of setting up an anti-virus exclusion or disabling it briefly. This is something you might need to do for any software kit that is improperly flagged by your antivirus, which is not really a question of InterSystems technology but of whatever antivirus you are using.

Further down the line you may want to add some additional exclusions so Caché can operate properly per this documentation:

Yes, the file was downloaded literally today from the official site. Probably the case in antivirus. thank

and it's contagious...

Caché IS a virus : once you get it, you can never get rid of it laugh