Anastasia Dyubaylo · Oct 19, 2021

Virtual Summit'21: Win. Win. Win with InterSystems Developer Ecosystem

Hey Developers,

Planning to attend the Focus Sessions of InterSystems Virtual Summit 2021? Don't miss the session dedicated to InterSystems Developer Community, Open Exchange & Global Masters!

⚡️ "Win. Win. Win with InterSystems Developer Ecosystem" VSummit21 session ⚡️

🎁 Note: All session attendees get a special prize.

🗣 @Anastasia Dyubaylo, Community Manager, InterSystems 
🗣 @Lena Evsikova, Product Owner of InterSystems Open Exchange
🗣 @Olga.Zavrazhnova2637, Customer Advocacy Manager, InterSystems

Learn how to succeed with the InterSystems Developer Community, Global Masters gamification hub, and Open Exchange application gallery.

Interests: Developer Experience, InterSystems IRIS, User Communities

Our Focus Sessions are available on-demand for viewing from Wednesday, October 27!


Join our session to enjoy the full experience of InterSystems Technology and our Ecosystem for Developers!

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Looking forward to it!!

@Lena Evsikova 
@Anastasia Dyubaylo 

Just watched your presentation. It was really GREAT !!
You raised the level of presentation significantly.
The most attractive presentation for me so far.
It will be hard to top you.

I completely agree with @Robert Cemper!  Great job highlighting the D.C., OEX and Global Masters!! 

Thank you, Robert! So happy to hear such feedback 😊

Very good presentation. They are a true trio of pocker aces to win

And all the crew that are in the same ship