· Apr 21, 2021

Viewing .int code of Compiled classes in VS Code


How do I view the .int code of a compiled class in VS Code?

I am trying to use gj::Locate and the setup works, the explanation is all fine but when i paste an error from the Error Logs into the gj::locate it firstly tells me that it can't find the .cls and when I paste in the .int reference in the text box where you can specify the class, method, line+offset it replies that it can't find the item.

This is something to do with the objectscript extension rather than gj::locate


Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Do you have a multi-rooted Workspace?  Currently gj :: locate only works on the first top-level folder in a workspace (multi-folder capability coming soon).

What is the first top-level folder in your workspace?  Is it a folder on your local file system or a remote connection to an IRIS server using  isfs or isfs-readonly?

If it's a local folder, have you exported all of your source files?