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Ensemble, HL7

Hi Community

I've just started developing for a new client and noticed that the View Raw Contents link isn't displayed when inspecting HL7 message contents in the Management Portal. Is the link missing due to:

1) a configuration setting?

2) a security setting?

3) a difference between installation on Unix Vs Windows?

And is there a way to turn it on?

I've trawled through the doco but haven't been able to find anything on this.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give


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I believe the "View Raw Contents" feature was added in relatively recent versions of Ensemble, possibly 2013+. What version is your client running?

I could've sworn that I'd seen it in 2012 versions, but nope my local archived 2012 didn't have it either. So thank you, that was the answer, i.e. it simply wasn't available until 2013.