· Sep 27, 2022

[Video] Configuring VS Code Workspaces for Multiple ObjectScript Connections

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⏯ Configuring VS Code Workspaces for Multiple ObjectScript Connections

Learn how to configure Visual Studio (VS) Code with InterSystems ObjectScript extensions to support multiple server connections. Review workspace configuration basics, decide which configuration you need for your systems, and then follow along with instructions for single-folder and multi-root workspaces.

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Good video. One tip I have is that at 4:18 it advises using a command to add second and subsequent folders to a multi-root workspace. Instead I recommend clicking on the InterSystems Tools icon in the Activity Bar, then using the Servers tree (contributed by the Server Manager extension) to find your server and namespace, then clicking the pencil button (Edit Code in Namespace). This adds an isfs entry to your workspace. The eye button alongside it will add an isfs-readonly entry instead.

Indeed you can do the whole of the workspace creation from that tree. With nothing open in VS Code (no folder, no workspace) click all the pencils or eyes you want. To name and save your workspace use "Save Workspace As..." from the File menu. If you haven't done that by the time you close the VS Code window you will be prompted to save or discard the as-yet-untitled workspace. So if you just wanted to browse a server speculatively you can use an untitled workspace and discard it when you exit.