· Jan 19, 2018

Username/Password requirement for Caché session

I am setting up a new Caché instance and I have managed to configure it where Caché username/password is required to initiate the Caché session:

csdfalsdkfjf@fra23e234sco:/opt/labmed/test/test81/proc$ csession cache1

Node: frxxco, Instance: CACHE1


I cannot find the setting in the management console that allows for unauthenticated login to a Caché session.  Any help is much appreciated.

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If the Caché account name is the same as the OS account name, select System Administration | Security | System Security | Authentication/CSP Session Options and check Allow Operating System authentication. You'll automatically  be logged on using an account with the same name as the OS account, assuming one has been created in Caché, and will have all permissions set for that account and its roles.

If you don't care who you're logged in as, enable Allow Unauthenticated Access on the same page and make sure the UnknownUser account is enabled. You'll still be prompted for user/password, but you can press enter twice to bypass. You'll then have all permissions that have been set for UnknownUser and its associated roles.

To access Caché Session (Terminal) without password, you should make two steps:

1. Check if the UnknownUser has got appropriate roles (e.g. %All) in System Administration | Security | Users. As a minimum it should have role with %Development resource and resource for given database (e.g. %DB_USER for access  to USER namespace).

2. Un-check Password and allow Unauthenticated access for service %Service_Terminal in System Administration | Security | Services. This is for linux/Unix systems. For Windows you should enable Unauthenticated access for %Service_Console and %Service_Telnet.