· Feb 16, 2018

User Role Lookup from ZAUTHENTICATE

I am working on an ZAUTHENTICATE.mac to move us from local cache users to Delegated Authentication against LDAP. 

I have created a user role within my instance of Ensemble that matches the AD Group that I will be assigning everyone in my group to.  Is there a way to query the list of available Roles within Ensemble, and if one of my AD groups matches that role, set the role for that user?

How would I compare the AD Group against the Role listing?



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what is this ?  a String or a JSON object ,  or a fixed sequence of (CN=  ,OU=,  DC=, DC= )
there is no obvious groupIng by a separator visible.
You may start by

set list=$lfs($p($p(input,"{",2),"}"))
zw list
list=$lb("CN=Access.Ensemble.Developer.User","OU=Access Groups","DC=OSUMC","DC=EDU"," CN=[CPD Admin]","OU=Distribution Lists","DC=OSUMC","DC=EDU"," CN=[MUSE_Access]","OU=Distribution Lists","DC=OSUMC","DC=EDU"," CN=[IT eMaterials]","OU=Distribution Lists","DC=OSUMC","DC=EDU...")


But instead of an unstructured string you have an unstructured list  

In general I would agree:
Though in order to use the class query you have the change  to namespace "%SYS" and  back.
As the query is predefined you finally build your own lookup list which is a copy of the original global.

Anyhow this would provide the required result:

     kill roles
    set roles=""
    new $namespace
    zn "%SYS"
    set rs=##class(%ResultSet).%New("Security.Roles:ListAll1")
    set tSC=rs.Execute()
    if tSC
        while rs.Next() {
            set role=rs.Get("Name")
            write ">",role,! ;; just for display
            set roles($zcvt(role,"L"))=""
     set rs=""                       ;; for save return from "%SYS"
     zw roles                        ;; for demo
     set list2=$lfs(input,"CN=")
     for i=2:1:$LL(list2) {
        set CN=$p($li(list2,i),",") ;; get 1st piece
        set CN=$zcvt(CN,"L") ;; lower case required..v
        set exists=''$d(roles(CN))
        write !,i," ",exists," ",CN ;; for debugging and demo
        if exists write " role found"
     quit                            ;; get back to original namespace

So I am trying to take a list of....

managedObjects                       : {CN=Access.Ensemble.Developer.User,OU=Access Groups,DC=OSUMC,DC=EDU, CN=[CPD Admin],OU=Distribution Lists,DC=OSUMC,DC=EDU, CN=[MUSE_Access],OU=Distribution Lists,DC=OSUMC,DC=EDU, CN=[IT eMaterials],OU=Distribution Lists,DC=OSUMC,DC=EDU...}

How can I put this into a list and properly filter out the values I need. For Example Access.Ensemble.Developer.User is my end target that corresponds to a role of that same name.

I am struggling with how to appropriately pull this information out so I can do the IF statements below.