Tim Miller · Jul 24, 2020

Uptime reports for Ensemble HL7

Good morning all,

Could we please get some insight on what is possible (or what other organizations may be using) for tracking uptime for our HL7 engine?  We can use Activity Tracking to show how many messages went through, but are there any good canned reports (or queries) about the number of message failures or the amount of time that an interface was down?

We are using alerting to the team to know about not getting messages or if messages failed.  Has anyone created a report or dashboard against the Ens.Alert table or would you recommend elsewhere?

We are being tasked to track for SLA purposes.




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Not sure if this will help, but Ensemble does (or at least did) support SNMP, so if your organization already runs a Network Monitoring platform like SolarWinds, OpenNPM or the like, you may be able to import a custom OID into that tool and let it do the monitoring for you.

That said, I do _not_ know if Ensemble's SNMP support is granular enough to be able to report on HL7 statistics, but at least it might be a place to start.

Full disclosure: I've never worked with Ensemble's SNMP support before, although I've read a bit about it. I was "more than passable" working with SolarWinds about a decade ago, enough that I could create custom OIDs and monitor specific things through custom Python scripts.

Hope this helps!