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· Apr 9, 2019

Health Connect version 2019.1 released

The 2019.1 version of HealthShare Health Connect is now Generally Available!

Kits and container images are available via the WRC download site 

The build number for these releases is 2019.1.0.510.0.18883


Health Connect 2019.1 includes many new features and capabilities, most notably:

  • FHIR STU3 Support
  • Java Business Hosts
  • Managed File Transfer (MFT)
  • Containerized and cloud deployment
  • New interoperability capabilities that speed configuration and troubleshooting of productions

These are detailed in the documentation and release notes for Health Connect

Upgrades - Health Connect 2019.1 is the first release of Health Connect that is powered by InterSystems IRIS. Because of this change in underlying technology, a special conversion procedure is required when upgrading from a previous version of Health Connect.  For customers currently using 15.03-based Health Connect versions, moving to it will be a simple and familiar process, very similar to the in-place upgrades you have had in the past.  If you are considering upgrading to Health Connect 2019.1, contact your InterSystems representative to obtain a document that leads you through the conversion process.

Platforms - The platforms supported with Health Connect 2019.1 are the same as for InterSystems IRIS 2019.1.  A number of platforms supported by previous versions of Health Connect are no longer supported.  Several new platforms are now supported, notably  Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows Server 2019 operating systems. Also, 2019.1 is now available as Open Container Initiative (OCI) containers (also referred to as Docker containers).  You can read the details in the Supported Platforms document.


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