· May 24, 2019

Unlock the records


I want to search a process ID in Object Script using the reference variable e.g. 1119102928 and kill that process ID. Please guide how it can be achieved.

Thanks in advance.

Vinay Purohit

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Hi Robert,

Our Apache is installed in Server 'A' but these process are exist in Server 'B'. Both the server are linked to each other. I have created a routine to unlock the process in Server 'A' and also able to execute this through the Terminal/Putty of Server 'B', where I am able to locate the process id using lab episode number '1119102928'.

Please suggest how I can access the process id of Server 'B' in csp or terminal of Server 'A'.

Thanks in advance.

Vinay Purohit

Independent of the way how your servers are linked It might be the easiest to have  SOAP service to call each other passing the lab episode number '1119102928' as a parameter.

If a lock exists it will be removed. if not nothing happens.

Studio has an easy to use SOAP wizard to create the Server and Client part.