· Dec 27, 2017

Unit test - how do you check if a variable is undefined or null?

Hi everyone

I'm new in Cache development language and I'm starting setting up Unit Tests.

How do you check with an Assert whether a certain variable is null or undefined?

The following assert throws an error on the "null": do $$$AssertEquals(myObj, null, "myObj is null")

Thanks a lot for your help and best regards


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Undefined variable and the variable contains "" (null) is two different situations, e.g. (see $DATA):

kill myObj
write $data(myObj),! ; -> 0
set myObj=$$$NULLOREF
write $data(myObj),! ; -> 1

In your case it would be better to use $IsObject:

kill myObj
write $IsObject(myObj),! ; -> 0
set d=$$$NULLOREF
write $IsObject(myObj),! ; -> 0
set myObj={}
write $IsObject(myObj),! ; -> 1

Accordingly, should be do $$$AssertTrue('$IsObject(myObj), "myObj is null")