Abbad Minhas · Jul 9, 2018

Unable to export lookup tables (.LUT) and HL7 schemas (.HL7) directly via Atelier to commit in source control (GIT)

We have started playing around with Atelier, primarily to enable us to commit our existing Ensemble code within source control (GIT). 

It seems Atelier works well with classes and routines however is unable to directly export lookup tables and HL7 schemas. Can someone confirm/validate this is the case? if so, when will this functionality be made available as it's absence is a deal breaker for us?

Lookup tables (.LUT) and HL7 schemas (.HL7) are more code and less configuration. They should be exported and kept in sync between Atelier and namespace much inline with how .cls files are handled. It is not practical to manually export / import these via Management portal every time code needs to be committed to source control.

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Are you "committed" to using GIT as your source control? If not, maybe take a look at Deltanji from George James Software (my employer).

We are "committed" to using GIT as we have invested time in learning it already plus it is free. I believe Deltaji is a paid product. 

Will Deltanji be able to commit .LUT and .HL7 files natively?

Yes, Deltanji handles LUT and HL7 components natively. And yes, it's a paid product, though there is a free Solo edition.

Since you're using Ensemble, you may also like to know that Deltanji integrates with the Portal-based editors and with Studio, as well as with Atelier. It is server-side source control, so has no problem with scenarios where multiple developers work as a team in a single namespace.

What are feature restrictions between free and paid version?

There's a table at

The free Solo edition is intended for, well, solo situations, with one developer wanting straightforward checkout/checkin source versioning for their namespaces on their local Cache / Ensemble instance.

In your context the Team or Enterprise editions are more likely to be appropriate, particularly since the comparison table shows LUTs not being supported by Solo.

Deltanji is capable of a lot more than simple code versioning. Please contact me via the George James Software website if you'd like to evaluate Team or Enterprise editions, or if the capabilities of the Deploy edition are of interest to you.

Is anyone from Intersystems able to provide a response? 

Can this feature be expected in Atelier release 1.3?

Your Sales Rep or Sales Engineer should also be a trustworthy resource.
(probably not on Sunday morning / afternoon)