Scott Roth · Jan 6, 2022

Unable to export entire Production

We are migrating from AIX to Linux and part of our testing is trying to figure the best method to migrate the code. I am trying to export an entire Production, however I keep running into an error...

Error generating export list for production osuwmc.TestClin and all items may not be listed.
ERROR #5002: Cache error: <CLASS DOES NOT EXIST>zgetRecordandComplexMapClasses+34^Ens.Config.Production.1 *(No name)

I went through any Complex Record Maps, and recompiled them but I am still getting the same error

Does anyone know how I can track down this error and the culprit?


Scott Roth

Product version: HealthShare 2018.1
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Hi Scott, can you open the production in Studio and look for any oddities in the configuration values for your services and operations that use record maps? I've seen similar issues when a production was configured with references to certain classes and the classes were subsequently deleted.

I do have the option of looking in Studio, would I look at the class file for the entire production or do I need to go through all cls files? 

Sorry Scott, got busy and never looped back. I'm assuming you've found the issue ... by checking the configs for any production components that referenced RecordMap message types and verifying that the RecordMap classes they use exist. Thanks for marking my (somewhat incomplete) answer as correct wink