p rd · Dec 22, 2017

By udl import. Cls file to ensemble studio, Chinese can not be displayed properly

Hello, I will. Cls file (including Chinese comments) directly into the ensemble studio, studio tips imported successfully through the udl file, but my Chinese comment does not display properly, how do I deal with? Thank you!

I am using a Windows 7 system, ensemble 2016, .cls file I am currently using UTF-8 encoding.

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Hi, p rd!

Would you please describe how do you import UDL file in Studio? Drag-n-drop? Import dialog? Or via $System.OBJ.Loaddir?

Also, would you please provide the result of $zv in terminal (the full version code).


Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.2.1 (Build 803U) Wed Oct 26 2016 12:31:28 EDT

I drag the .cls file directly to studio.

Maybe the comments are not in UTF in the original cls? Can you check it with any editor (e.g. VS Code or Notepad++).

And, you have 2016.2.+ - so you can use Atelier ;) Try with Atelier? )

I'm trying, thanks