· Feb 22, 2023

TrakCare Add users programatically


I need to add a large number of users to TrakCare.

Is there a programatically way of adding users to TrakCare using ObjectScript?
If so, can you please send me an example.


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Hi Philip,

User and password management in TrakCare is difficult task via SQL and i would not suggest doing it that way.

In newer versions of TrakCare the CodeTable upload manager can be used to batch upload user accounts.

I would suggest you create an iService ticket for TrakCare support to help you with the best option here.

You can always request support to contact me if they need more information on this.

the most straightforward thing to do is to use the upload manager that will take care of everythings.
But if you want to go via code, as Davide said, you should use ##class(User.SSUser).%New() to create the user.
Keep in mind that the user at first login MUST change the password. To avoid that, you have to have 2 row in the password table, so you should change the password one time via class and then the user should be able to login with the specified credentials.
So the main suggestion is to go with upload manager and, may be, ldap as a backend for password auth.