Yone Moreno · Nov 16, 2022

[Off-Topic] How would you encourage or teach your interest about computers and electronics / and or programming to your kids or teens, or even adult sons / daughters?


Thank you for reading this question, and thank you for your time and replies.

I was wondering which ways, tools, mechanisms, or vias would you recommend to teach to kids, teens, adults, being your sons / daughters or not; your passion or likelihood for programming and computers?

I know there are some programming free games like the following ones:





Even more, there are some sites which propose you small challenges:



However, what would you suggest, recommend, to teach or share with other people your interest in computers and programming?

Thanks for your replies.

Thanks for your replies.


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Personally, I wouldn't teach unless I saw some interest in my daughter. But, now, as she is only 7 years old, it would not start, and would leave her as far away from computers as possible for now. I believe there is still plenty of time to start. However, through electronic games, I think that would be the best way. I like Age of Empires a lot, there is a lot of strategy in it, so I would try this path.

Once you have your own children you would learn that there is no need to TEACH interest.
If your children accept you they follow your path. anything else is just academic nonsense.

So proven by my 3 highly adult and successful children and 4 grandchildren following the traces.

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