· Jan 17

Top InterSystems Ideas Contributors for 2023

Hey Community!

It's time to share the first-ever announcement of the Ideas Portal 2023 annual stats and the Top InterSystems Ideas Contributors for 2023 🌟

General Stats:

160 new ideas posted in 2023
✓  30 implemented ideas:
          ✓   19 ideas implemented by Community members
          ✓   11 ideas implemented by InterSystems
364 new comments posted
223 new users registered 

Implementer of Ideas:

We present the new exciting badge Implementer of Ideas. It's a person who implemented the maximum number of ideas during 2023. 

Nomination: Implementer of ideas
Badge's name Badge's logo Winners
Implementer of Ideas  

@Dmitry Maslennikov  

@Yuri Marx  

@John Murray 

Let's applaud together the developers who earned this badge in 2023 👏🏅

Most Voted Ideas:
Most Commented Ideas:
Idea Leaders:
Developer Number of posted ideas
@Yuri Marx  21
@Evgeny Shvarov  11
@Luis Angel Pérez Ramos  10
Idea Commenters:
Developer Number of comments
@Dmitry Maslennikov 35
@Yuri Marx 11
@Alex Woodhead 8

Congratulations to the winners! 🌟 Thank you all for your contributions to InterSystems Ideas in 2023!

We are sure 2024 will be rich in your brilliant ideas! 💡🤝

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