· May 17, 2019

Is there a way to get [ Internal, Private ] property?

I have a class defined like this:

Class test.ABC Extends %RegisteredObject   {

Property myProp As %Binary [ Internal, Private ];


Is there a way to get a value of myProp from outside of the object?

I can't modify or extend the class obviously.

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Hello Eduard,

For debug purpose , you can try this :

Set obj = {Your test.ABC instance}

Set res = ##class(%Studio.General).DumpObjectFunc(obj)

While res.%Next() { Write !,"Property : ",res.%Get("Name"), !," Value : ",res.%Get("Value") }

Or just perform a zw obj



EDIT : I tested with ##class(%Studio.General).DumpObjectFunc(obj)

We can get value if "myProp" is not an object.

Thank you, ended up extracting this method:

ClassMethod GetPrivateProp(oref, propName) As %String
    Set value = ""
    Set cd=$system.CLS.DumpContext(oref,0)
    Set inst=$piece(cd,"^",8)
    For j=1:1:inst {
        Set pd=$system.CLS.Property(j,oref,0)
        Set ivar=$piece(pd,"^")
        Set slot=$piece(pd,"^",2)
        Set value = $zobjval(oref,slot,0,3,slot)
    Quit value

UPD: Simplified code, thanks to @Dmitry Maslennikov suggestion:

ClassMethod GetPrivateProp(oref, propName) As %String
    Set pd=$system.CLS.Property(propName,oref,0)
    Set slot=$piece(pd,"^",2)
    Set value = $zobjval(oref,slot,0,3,slot)
    Quit value


There, a version with multidimensional array support until 4 subscripts level : 

ClassMethod GetPrivateProp(
   ByRef result As %Binary) As %String
   Do ##class(%Studio.General).DumpObjectExecute(.arr,.oref)
   Set key = $o(arr(propName),1,value), @propName = arr(propName)
   For  {
      Set subscriptLevel = $Ql(key)
      If subscriptLevel=1 {
         Set @propName@($Qs(key,1))=value
      }ElseIf subscriptLevel=2 {
         Set @propName@($Qs(key,1),$Qs(key,2))=value
      }ElseIf subscriptLevel=3 {
         Set @propName@($Qs(key,1),$Qs(key,2),$Qs(key,3))=value
      }ElseIf subscriptLevel=4 {
         Set @propName@($Qs(key,1),$Qs(key,2),$Qs(key,3),$Qs(key,4))=value
      Set key = $o(arr(key),1,value)
   Merge result=@propName
   Kill @propName
   Quit:$Quit arr(propName) Quit